Giving Your Guests Quality Internet Access Has Never Been Easier

Giving Your Guests Quality Internet Access Has Never Been Easier

Recent research has shown that there is only one thing that guests would prefer over a complimentary breakfast or free parking, and that is fast reliable Wi-Fi!

The first thing an overnight guest tries, before your quality breakfast or your comfortable bed, is the quality of your Wi-Fi.

Modern travelers are hyper connected and cannot bear to be offline. Business travelers need to be able to quickly check their emails and take online conference calls, while leisure travelers are eager to use the internet to connect with friends and family, discover local attractions and enjoy music and videos after a long day of travel.

Today’s media-rich Internet is putting ever-increasing demand on broadband networks. Users are carrying more and more bandwidth-hogging devices, and expecting a lot from their WiFi service. Even if that service is complimentary.

As you may already be aware, consumers are also quite proficient at using those same mobile devices to leave a bad review on various sites such as Trip Advisor.

With a free technology audit by a CISCO Certified Engineer, Alliance Digital Networks will be able to help you balance both your bandwidth and budget issues!


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